Monday, December 12, 2011

Stockings all hung in a row...

I got this idea from my friend Kathy last year on her blog lucky to live the good life. Super cute homemade stocking idea! I didn't get my craft on as much as she did (aka I bought my stockings last year after Christmas for super cheap) but the kids and their daddy and I had a really fun time deciding what to put on them and then cutting the felt to make cute creations!

Roman wanted a rocket (big surprise there).

I actually hot glued all of the pieces together and then thought that we could potentially change these every year so I just used glue dots to hold the creations on the stockings. If I had more time I would sew them, but glue dots are fabulous for now!

Titus wanted his signature monster "qwuck." The monster truck was made by daddy.

I just made something cute for Natalya. I'm loving the sparkly felt! Way to go Hobby Lobby! And thanks Kathy for the great idea!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Super Hero Capes

I saw this tutorial on Pinterest a while back and decided that this would be the perfect thing for my boys. Sure enough, these super easy peasy super hero capes provided lots of entertainment. I didn't even make them as fancy as the tutorial suggests. I simply took 2 of daddy's old t-shirts and cut the front and the sleeves off and then after I put them on the boys I tied the neck in a knot since it was way too big for their tiny little necks. Viola! Instant Super Hero capes! We even got a little creative and drew a bat symbol on the back of the gray one.

Super heros don't need shirts.

Or pants. Make one for your little guy and watch him fly around the house! :)

Day 11 - December Photo Project

Tonight this little turkey was downstairs playing with his brother while I was feeding the baby girl some food upstairs. Usually they are playing trains or videogames or legos while they are downstairs and generally stay out of trouble. This evening I think Roman had to go potty and Titus followed him into the downstairs bathroom. Unfortunately, daddy was charging the buzzer (that's what I call it anyway!) that he uses to shave his neck so it was sitting right there on the sink charging. So our curious little boy decided to give himself a haircut! Thankfully I could hear that thing the second it turned on and I ran down the stairs quick as lightening and caught him after only one pass on his head. :) So he got a chunk out but it could have been much worse!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 10 - December Photo Project

I've been a little hit and miss on this December photo project, but here are the 3 little munchkins this morning!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 7 - DPP - Let it Snow!

This picture was from this past weekend. We got quite a few inches of snow and the kids had a ball playing in it...and tasting it. :)

Day 6 DPP - If this Princess could talk

Just for fun...:) Our little Princess.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 2 (December Photo Project)

Day 2 - Rudolph lost his nose...thankfully Roman found it! Actually mommy found it in the dollar bin at Target. It lights up. Cuteness.